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3D reconstruction of the roman bath house of Juliomagus (Schleitheim, Schaffhausen)

My tasks: concept, modelling, texturing, animation, special effects

Aug - Dec 2003 /
[project finished]

In the last year of college in switzerland you have to write a big final work. Due to my addiction to 3d grafics I dicided to do this work in the subject art although it also has many historical aspects in it. There is a roman village called "Juliomagus" not far away from my home town with remains of a bath house. I did some research and rebuilded the whole building in 3d (pictures and movies) with 3D Studio Max. The textures are made with Photoshop (some with photo references). The teachers were very impressed and finaly I won the school award for the best work in the subject art of the year 2003.
More rendered pictures can be found in the galleriesl section.

Downloads: Complete eBook (German, PDF, 5.36MB):d Animated flight around the buildings: low (DivX5, 4.87MB)d high (DivX5, 45.0MB)d
Animated flight trough the buildings: high (DivX5, 32.3MB)d Offizielle Juliomagus Hompage (German) p

3D Rekonstruktion der römischen Thermen von Juliomagus: deutsche Projektseite l

© 2003 Simon Wenner


NanoAge - The Concern Wars

My tasks: team management, concept, modelling, texturing, animation

2001-2002 / [project cancelled]

"Nanoage - The Concern Wars" is a MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) and takes place in the future city Berlin. The game has a dark athmosphere and is about the fight between powerful global companies and secret organisations. We used the Torque 3D engine from Garage Games which is very powerful. A Team of 10 members and many freelancers worked on this game.
The Project has been cancelled due to the inactivity (no time, no motivation) of most of the team members. We did the first parts of Berlin, player models, weapons, decoration objects, HUD, and many story elements. It's very sad, that we had to cancel this project. I would have liked to finish it...
Pictures of my 3d objects for this project can be found in the galleriesl section.

GarageGames.com - Torque Engine homepagep
ProjectMod Diary of this project @ giga.de (German, offline)p
www.nanoage-game.com (offical website, offline)
www.hardwareinc.org (Hardware INC, one of the Nanoage companies, offline)

Credits: © 2002 Nanoage-Game developer team

dxo1 dxo2dxo3dxo4dxo5dxo6

Deus Ex Online: Prologue

My tasks: modelling, texturing

1999 - 2001 / [project finished]

It is a German modification of the very successfull action-roleplay mix DeusEx (Unreal Engine). We started with great ambitions to create a massive multiplayer mod, similar to a total conversion, but due to several problems we decided to stop after finishing the single player preview version. This version should have been an appetizer for the real game and tells the story before DXO. It takes place in the final days of WWII. You're a prisoner in a secret German bunker and it is your goal to survive and escape from this hell. It features five levels of fun packed action, many background information and a heartwarming story.
Features: New levels, new skins, new weapons, new objects, new skill system, conversations, new story, three different endings.
Pictures of some of the rendered low-poly models I created for this project can be found in the galleriesl section.

Downloads: Modification (8.14MB):d --- DXO Prologue Trailer (DivX3, 11.0MB):d (RealMedia, 1.4MB):d DXO Soundtrack (mp3):d

Planet DeusEx (one of the last remaining DX pages)p
Interview @ gamigo.de (German, offline)
Interview @ DXEditing.com (English, offline)
Download DeusExOnline Prologue from 4players.de p
Interview mit Mirza Sadovic @ topofgames.de (German) part1p part2p

Credits: © 2001 Teardrop-Interactive Team


Kanti Rebuild (No Budget Studios)

My tasks: team management, modelling, texturing, level design

1999-2000 / [project cancelled]

It was our aim to rebuild our school buildings as an Unreal Tournament Deathmatch level. We also planed to model many detailed 3d objects such as cars, furniture and other decorations to achive a very realistic look. We did the small buildings and started with the big ones, but as you can see, it isn't finished yet. I have left this school (in 2003) so I think we will never ever finish it. Although it would have been nice to shoot around with a rocket launcher in the teachers rest room... *gg* ;-).

Offical school webpage "kanti.ch" (German) p
More photos: 1 2 3 4 (coming soon...)

Credits: Level design: Jaspi, Gummiente. Picturefx: Gummiente. Object modelling: Nowic (former called the "No Budget Studios" Team)

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