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04.07.2005, 19:34 : Im still alive!
Its unbelievable, but true. Im still alive. Im studying at the ETH for one year now and I didnt have any time to create any new 3D models. But after Ill have passed (I hope so) the exams of this autum, Ill start modelling for a new game-project called Orxonox which is beeing developped by ETH students. Orxonox is a open-souce 3d vertical scroller spaceship game. Stay tuned for nice looking spaceships and futuristic buildings.

29.04.2004, 12:28 : Train station finished
Last week i finished the model and the textures of a train station for an iso-grafic transport tycoon game. That`s also the reason why it has a pink background. (Beautiful isn`t it? ;) ) It isn`t sure if this game will be ever released. The project is currently freezed.


Maybe in the future I`ll publish some of the textures i did on my page...
10.03.2004, 21:32 : Lunik Wallpaper
Today I did a quck wallpaper with Photoshop, which shows a picture of Jael from Lunik my favorite band. The best trip-hop sound ever! You can download it in the galleries section.
01.03.2004, 16:06 : Galleries
Gallery section updated: some new pictures added and links to the full size images added.

27.02.2004, 11:59 : New news script
Today I replaced the old php news script with a new one, witch I coded by myself. If you like to place it on your homepage too, you can download it from my new coding website for free: www.wenner.ch/coding/index.php . The whole 3Dgfx page got a technical update and is now 100% w3.org checked and html 4.01 valid.
17.02.2004, 14:37 : Matura paper
Page update: I have uploaded the german eBook of my matura paper and I have updated the german matura project page. enjoy.
10.02.2004, 11:44 : Welcome
Welcome on my new homepage. Not all sections are finished yet, but more is coming soon...
Please visit my guestbook, thx.

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